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Let’s maintain the distances

The presentation of the Forward-project number "Distance"

Antonio Addis

Department of Epidemiology, Lazio regional healthcare service, Rome 1 Asl (Local health authority)

By June 2020April 26th, 2022No Comments
Photo by Lorenzo De Simone

All of us, while confined in our respective spaces, started thinking about the contents for this issue of Forward. The lockdown forced us to find solutions to cope with the emergency that would allow our working group to still have opportunities for discussion with one another, despite the distance. We tried to make the most of this time and forced ourselves to seek a new perspective on many medical themes.

The natural tendency that often pushes us to find a new standpoint and to view things with a lens we had not considered until then is indeed the gesture of distancing ourselves from the matter in question. Sometimes we just need to take a few steps back so that we can make some links that we just couldn’t see before and finally reach a better-balanced outlook on things.

For example, thanks to the current experience we went through all of us were able to see the strengths and also the weaknesses of our healthcare system from a new angle and we were left with amazement and worry. These were things that had already been under our noses for a while but now we could finally put them in focus in the right way.

The following pages incessantly seek the right distance from which to offer new reflections and new outlooks on the complexity of phenomena and social and medical practices that the pandemic is forcing us to reflect on. When we will be able to hug again, hopefully soon, we should try not to forget the benefits of keeping a certain distance.