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Looking for a medicine that is closer to and more ready to meet users’ most distant and different needs.


Antonio Addis


Heading towards a new model for the provision of local healthcare services

The key to a proximity-based healthcare in light of the National Strategy for Inner Areas (SNAI) experience

Francesco Monaco

Spaces that communicate, spaces that treat

Thinking about the public that spaces are intended for

Lucia Fontanella

Suspended on a swing between distance and proximity

Stormy days. In and out of the hospital

Interview with  Michela Chiarlo



Looking for a medicine that is closer to and more ready to meet users’ most distant and different needs.


Studying it, being able to interpret and govern it so that it does not dominate us is such an ancient lesson.

It happens

Stories of a becoming that perhaps we have not been able to fully bring into focus yet.


When we are faced with big uncertainties all we can do is trial, experiment and learn from our mistakes.


The natural way to find a new view and to see things in a different way is to keep the right distance.

Places of care

Will the re-definition of care spaces be an activity that will occupy a large part of future healthcare planning?


Technological and digital transformation in medicine. How to prepare and how to drive change.


It happens

The identity crisis of Italian epidemiology

How it could happen and how to restore its role in public healthcare

Interview with Marina Davoli


The life of women in the times of Covid-19

The effects of the coronavirus risk to undermine further the already fragile balance achieved with the difficult conciliation of work and family and social life

Bernadette Golisano


How to turn failures into successes, as learning milestones

Quite often physicians and nurses feel as though they are dealing with failure. Instead, why not seeing them as opportunities to grow?

Healthcare experts‘ perspective

Big data

Predicting the future

“It is algorithms – not data set – that will prove transformative”. This is the captivating sentence that opens the article “Predicting the future”, published in the New England Journal of Medicine

Interview with Ziad Obermeyer


sempre con me… viene spesso utile per carichi inattesi! @forwardRPM @lucadf & @RebeccaDeFiore

Disporre di terapie avanzate non equivale ad essere capaci di erogarle.
Una discussione molto ... interessante e utile.
@SIE_Ematologia @EmatoInfo @RecentiProgMed @forwardRPM

Stiamo facendo un check al livello di “maturità” del SSR della regione Lazio per le Terapie ... Avanzate. La discussione è ricca di spunti e di sfide. @forwardRPM

“La migliore rete è un passaggio”. Nel nostro approfondimento sui network riprendevamo una ... frase di Eric Cantona: adatta a dare il senso della discussione su MODELLI ORGANIZZATIVE E TERAPIE AVANZATE nella Regione Lazio

@forwardRPM arrivato anche in svizzera, grazie @lucadf @RebeccaDeFiore / @Einaudieditore l’arte di... legare le persone - Paolo Milone #prossimità in #psichiatria e… in #letteratura!

Sappiamo tutti che la prevenzione è per il pediatra di famiglia la stella polare. Ma come la ... telemedicina in pediatria può essere utile per attività di tipo educazionale o preventivo? Ne abbiamo parlato con Paolo Becherucci.

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