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The phenomena that will be influencing future medicine are viewed as complex and never fully “binary”.


Antonio Addis


The care crisis and women bearing its weight

The cause of this crisis and how we can end it with a focus on public collective accountability

Interview with Emma Dowling

Does neuroscience have a sexism problem?

Many studies on the differences between the male and female brains might have the tendency to confirm gender stereotypes

Fabio Ambrosino

It’s time to close the gender gap in research. There’s work for all

There are three main pillars of the scientific infrastructure that need to coordinate their efforts in order to close this gap

Interview with Londa Schiebinger



The phenomena that will be influencing future medicine are viewed as complex and never fully “binary”.


Looking for a medicine that is closer to and more ready to meet users’ most distant and different needs.


Studying it, being able to interpret and govern it so that it does not dominate us is such an ancient lesson.

It happens

Stories of a becoming that perhaps we have not been able to fully bring into focus yet.


When we are faced with big uncertainties all we can do is trial, experiment and learn from our mistakes.


The natural way to find a new view and to see things in a different way is to keep the right distance.

Places of care

Will the re-definition of care spaces be an activity that will occupy a large part of future healthcare planning?


It happens

The identity crisis of Italian epidemiology

How it could happen and how to restore its role in public healthcare

Interview with Marina Davoli


The life of women in the times of Covid-19

The effects of the coronavirus risk to undermine further the already fragile balance achieved with the difficult conciliation of work and family and social life

Bernadette Golisano


How to turn failures into successes, as learning milestones

Quite often physicians and nurses feel as though they are dealing with failure. Instead, why not seeing them as opportunities to grow?

Healthcare experts‘ perspective

Big data

Predicting the future

“It is algorithms – not data set – that will prove transformative”. This is the captivating sentence that opens the article “Predicting the future”, published in the New England Journal of Medicine

Interview with Ziad Obermeyer


La prima sessione dell'evento Forward al Forum Sistema Salute vede protagonisti Marina Davoli e ... Francesco Enrichens, @Agenas_Salute, che dialogheranno su come rendere il Sistema sanitario nazionale più vicino ai bisogni dei cittadini.

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Uno degli ultimi approfondimenti di Forward è stato ... dedicato alla prossimità. Continueremo a parlarne al Forum Sistema Salute con Marina Davoli, Francesco Enrichens, @AntonioAddis2, Patrizia Popoli, @lucadf e @RobiVil. Vieni anche tu?

Dati, riflessioni, proposte molto interessanti. Ora serve impegno a migliorare nel concreto ...

Il nuovo numero di Forward, dedicato alla parola GENERE, è online. Solo per citarne alcuni ... troverete i punti di vista di @GiobaggioBaggio, @rbanzi, @fperrone62, Maria Cecilia Guerra, @casamacombo, 48 pagine accompagnate dal reportage di Claudio Colotti.


📌Al Forum sanità parteciperà anche "Forward" progetto de @ilpensiero e del Dipartimento di ... Epidemiologia del Servizio Sanitario @RegioneLazio
promuovendo un incontro sulla prossimità in ambito sanitario il 29 ottobre.

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