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Looking for a medicine that is closer to and more ready to meet users’ most distant and different needs.


Antonio Addis


The bordersof humanity

Reaching the extremes to be closer again

Interview with Miguel Gotor

Proximity, listening and community

The right ingredients for a type of healthcare that looks after citizens’ needs

Interview with Nerina Dirindin

The pillars of a new network of local support services

Reorganising the healthcare system requires the reform of the network of local support services

Francesco Enrichens



Looking for a medicine that is closer to and more ready to meet users’ most distant and different needs.


Studying it, being able to interpret and govern it so that it does not dominate us is such an ancient lesson.

It happens

Stories of a becoming that perhaps we have not been able to fully bring into focus yet.


When we are faced with big uncertainties all we can do is trial, experiment and learn from our mistakes.


The natural way to find a new view and to see things in a different way is to keep the right distance.

Places of care

Will the re-definition of care spaces be an activity that will occupy a large part of future healthcare planning?


Technological and digital transformation in medicine. How to prepare and how to drive change.



Change in an ageing Italy

The search for new balance and synergy between different cultures

Interview with Massimo Livi Bacci

Places of care

Spaces that communicate, spaces that treat

Thinking about the public that spaces are intended for

Lucia Fontanella


Without a story. The normal failures of champions

Only describing successes risks giving a partial view of the world of sports

Interview with Daniele Manusia and Emanuele Atturo


Accept mistakes, so you can learn

Looking at failures is a precious source of knowledge and self-awareness

Interview with Massimiano Bucchi


“Ero sotto di sei stoccate? Bisogna crederci. Ma se non ci credi tu non c’è allenatore o ... fratello che possa spingerti oltre.” @GigiSamele è medaglia d’argento. Evviva 🍾🥂Trasformare sempre l’insuccesso in successo @SameleRiccardo

Il nuovo numero di Forward, dedicato alla parola PROSSIMITÀ, è online. Solo per citarne alcuni, ... troverete @GotorMiguel, Francesco Enrichens, @enricocaiani, @fra_monaco, @anell_f @FNOMCeO, 48 pagine accompagnate dal reportage di Lorenzo De Simone.


Essere donna come condiziona l’aggiornamento? O forse è più essere madre la discriminante? Ecco ... qui il quinto e ultimo approfondimento della serie sull'aggiornamento in medicina a cura di @lucadf. Grazie a @25071956 e @camialderighi.

"Dare la caccia alle nostre debolezze ci renderà scienziati migliori".

Le scelte di AIFA di fronte alla #pandemia. Ne abbiamo parlato con il direttore Nicola Magrini nel ... nuovo numero di CARE

🏝📚☀️Ecco i primi libri per l’estate consigliati dalla redazione di Forward e i ... ricercatori del DepLazio.
1. “I numeri non mentono”
2. “Il libro delle nuvole”
3. “Quel che stavamo cercando”
4. “Ciò che nel silenzio non tace”