It happens

Stories of a becoming that perhaps we have not been able to fully bring into focus yet.


Antonio Addis


How many doctors will we have in 2030?

From the disproportion between the number of young graduates and the amount of postgraduate scholarships to the issue of lower than the European average salaries- now there are no more doctors

Interview with Filippo Anelli

Emergency planning

Mirko Claus, Federica Viola

Climate change and epidemics

Paola Michelozzi, Manuela De Sario, Francesca de’ Donato


It happens

Stories of a becoming that perhaps we have not been able to fully bring into focus yet.


When we are faced with big uncertainties all we can do is trial, experiment and learn from our mistakes.


The natural way to find a new view and to see things in a different way is to keep the right distance.

Places of care

Will the re-definition of care spaces be an activity that will occupy a large part of future healthcare planning?


Technological and digital transformation in medicine. How to prepare and how to drive change.


As a tool and as a goal to produce knowledge and improve health interventions. For our rights.


In the choices that concern health and healthcare. In the management of risk and uncertainty.


It happens

Serendipity, discoveries that happen randomly

Progress and sustainable development are not just lucky events though

Claudia Bolaffi

It happens

Communication with general practitioners

The decisions concerning local healthcare services should be made with the workers of those same services

Marina Bianchi

Places of care

Healthcare spaces and the city

Health-conscious urban planning and health impact assessment

Giacomo Toffol, Laura Reali


From hospital to territory

The “access to healthcare” crisis, the distance between patient and physician, amid service provision and health needs

Interview with Giuseppe Gristina


"Serve uscire dalle logiche competitive per fare del privato un'opportunità", l'articolo del ... Presidente FIASO Francesco Ripa di Meana su @forwardRPM @IREISGufficiale

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Negli ultimi anni abbiamo assistito allo sviluppo di nuovi strumenti di digital health pensati per ... migliorare la salute, attirando l’attenzione anche dei Big dell’informatica e di numerose start-up. Ne ha parlato su Forward @eugeniosantoro.

1/4) Ciao! Our partner team in Italy, led by @camialderighi and @RasoiniR, recently hosted a webinar... about the project, which has now been posted in its entirety online. We particularly recommend two videos…

L'ultima parola del numero AVVIENE spetta a Italo Calvino, con un estratto dal suo libro "Palomar". ... Leggila su Forward!

In Italia si fanno sempre meno figli e sempre più tardi, ma quando abbiamo iniziato ad ... accorgercene? E, soprattutto, la pandemia potrebbe invertire questa tendenza? Ne abbiamo parlato con Maurizio Franzini.

Quando pensiamo a ciò che succede intorno a noi tutto sembra accadere per caso, una serie di eventi... che a seconda del contesto possono evolvere in modo diverso. Ma come scrive Alessandro Baricco il caso non è mai casuale. Le riflessioni di Claudia Bolaffi.