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Studying it, being able to interpret and govern it so that it does not dominate us is such an ancient lesson.


Antonio Addis


When accepting change is difficult

For people with autism spectrum disorder, novelty can be a difficult challenge to address

Interview with Luigi Mazzone and Maurizio Bonati

Midnight blue, crimson red

Coping with imponderability after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

Interview with Francesca Mannocchi

Story of a metamorphosis

Born twice. I was born a man, now I am a woman

Interview with Giovanna Cristina Vivinetto



Studying it, being able to interpret and govern it so that it does not dominate us is such an ancient lesson.

It happens

Stories of a becoming that perhaps we have not been able to fully bring into focus yet.


When we are faced with big uncertainties all we can do is trial, experiment and learn from our mistakes.


The natural way to find a new view and to see things in a different way is to keep the right distance.

Places of care

Will the re-definition of care spaces be an activity that will occupy a large part of future healthcare planning?


Technological and digital transformation in medicine. How to prepare and how to drive change.


As a tool and as a goal to produce knowledge and improve health interventions. For our rights.



Welcome to the age of uncertainties

In a future characterised by a “new humanism”

Edgar Morin

Places of care

The best service is the empty one

The importance of community in psychiatry: treating patients without ever losing sight of the outside

Rebecca De Fiore


The meaning of time

The different value of time for the cancer patient and for those who are treating him

Interview with Gilberto Lopes


Prioritization in oncology: going global before going to the moon

Define the priorities of cancer research in terms of patient’s profit or quality of life?

Bishal Gyawali


Su @be_unsocial si parla di Forward for Kids!

La riforma psichiatrica di Franco Basaglia - approvata il 13 maggio 1978 - ha determinato ... l’entrata delle persone che soffrono di un disturbo mentale nella cittadinanza sociale, con la costruzione di una rete di servizi nella comunità.

La crisi pandemica ha messo in evidenza l’importanza di una robusta rete pubblica di welfare e i ... tanti limiti di tale rete nel nostro Paese. Ma come procedere per rimediare? Ne abbiamo parlato con Elena Granaglia.

Serena Donati: farmaci in gravidanza, i dati del primo Rapporto OsMed sull'assunzione di farmaci nei... nove mesi prima, durante e dopo la gravidanza. Leggi l’intervista qui
@istsupsan @aifa_ufficiale @forwardRPM @ONDaSaluteDonna

Presto le interviste su @senticp sulla transizione dal pediatra dal medico di medicina generale e su... @forwardRPM “prossimità” sulla telemedicina in pediatria.

Non sempre i cambiamenti sono facili da accettare: per le persone con disturbo dello spettro ... autistico le novità possono essere una sfida difficile da affrontare. Ne abbiamo parlato con Luigi Mazzone, @ptvonline2001, e Maurizio Bonati, @MumChild_IRFMN.